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Rene Gruau, (1909-2004) was born Renato Zavagli in Rimini Italy on February 4, 1909. He was a one of the most important graphic designers in the second part of the 20th Century. Designing posters for the Lido and Moulin Rouge in Paris and for large Advertisers ie: Air France, Cinzano and Vichy mineral water. He worked closely with Dior fashions, and worked with Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and Le Figaro Madame and other journals of the time.
Son of an Italian count, and his mother was French. He used his mothers maiden name nom de plume as an Artist. His mother had a great influence on his interest in the World of fashion being involved in Haute Couture. His Illustrations were printed by Lidel as early as in 1924 in Italy. He worked as a clothes designer for a while in London.
In 1947, Christian Dior invited Gruau to design for Dior and create Ms Dior fragrance. Gruau continued the relationship with Dior and worked with many fashion houses as well. Art nouveau and Japanese prints that influenced the impressionists also had a great influence on his body of work. Gruau continued working for Dior and many others right up until the end of his life.
We are happy have for sale a great body of his Lido, Moulin Rouge, Dior, Rimini and Bemberg and Desastre series. We are finding more posters all the time so do check back.
In the World of graphic art, Gruau is one of the most collectable artists of the last 50 years.

christian dior
"Hommage a Christian Dior"
Rene Gruau - 1987
16 x 24inches"
ref #Hommage Christian Dior

Rene Gruau - 1957 - later printing
24.4 inches x 38.5 inches"
ref #

lido cest magique gruau
"Rouge Baiser Beret"
Rene Gruau - 1948 - original
17.5 inches x 22 inches"
ref #Rouge Baiser Beret

"C'est Magique Lido de Paris"
Rene Gruau - 1990's - 50th Anniversary
47 inches x 63 inches"
ref #Gruau Cest Magique 50th

gruau femmes femmes
"Femmes Femmes Femmes"
Gruau c 1980s
31 x 47 inches
ref #2TheExp5 - Gruau Femmes LARGE

"Rouge Baiser Blindfold"
Rene Gruau - 1949 - original
17.5 inches x 22 inches"
ref #Rouge Baiser Blindfold

rouge et noir gruau
Gruau - c1980
47 inches x 69 inches"
ref #Gruau Impeccable

"Rouge et Noir"
20 x 28 inches
ref #Gruau Rouge et Noir

Price $350

desastre gruau
lido cocorico gruau
"Rene Gruau La Cigarette Desastre"
23.6 inches x 31.4 inches / 80cm x 60cm
ref # Gruau Desastre

"Lido Cocorico"
Gruau c 1980s
16 x 24 inches
ref #2TheExp5 - lido Cocorico


More Gruau Pages <<< 1 2 >>>

Rene GruauPoster Classics Sarl is proud to present this selection of vintage gruau posters. We are trying to find and present vintage art posters that are not just the ordinary and common vintage posters that you see on all the other poster sites, but vintage Gruau posters that we've selected carefully, that we feel are the quality and level to be associated with out website. We offer the following types of posters; antique posters, French gruau posters, Italian gruau posters, art prints, military posters, war posters, Gruau, cappiello posters, boccasile posters, vintage French Gruau posters, vintage Italian Gruau posters, vintage travel posters and many more too numerous to name. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our gallery and if you check back we update with new additions of vintage poster art on a weekly basis.

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